We have been a member of Silcar D & C’s subcontractor team to carry out the lifecycle replacement & upgrade of 48v power systems within Telstra telephone exchanges since 2003. During this time we have undertaken all levels of work ranging from minor additions in regional areas  to large scale upgrades in major CBD exchanges.

The scope of works we have covered are:

  • Lifecycle replacement of battery strings
  • Installation and commissioning of new 48v power systems (Emerson/Eltek/Invensys)
  • “Live” cutover/transfer of load from old to new power systems
  • Battery discharge testing
  • Installation of UPS systems
  • Extensive upgrades of site earthing
  • Recovery of redundant batteries and suite iron work
  • Construction of new suite iron work
  • Completion of/adherance to all of Telstra’s site access and OH&S requirements

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Paddington Telephone Exchange