Project Management

We have many years experience within our staff, being directly responsible for the management of both major project work, service / minor works as well as state wide rollouts. We therefore as a result can successfully deal with all types of projects & the requirements expected of us such as:

  • Organising/allocating labour to meet customers’ requirements.
  • Following OHS&R procedures and requirements such as the production of JSA/SWMS/MOP as required.
  • Material purchasing to meet programme and cash flow of project.
  • Liaising with clients and maintaining a good relationship with them.
  • Quoting minor works and tendering of larger projects.
  • Ensure projects meet all desired outcomes (financial, specifications/standards and completion dates).
  • Communicating with employees on all matters.
  • The ability to make decisions in a timely fashion.
  • Working in a team with our staff as well as clients to.
  • The use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Project as well as other electronic tools/software for maximum efficiency in our use of time.
  • Contingency planning.