OHS&R Policy

Focused Solutions recognizes that a safe and healthy working environment is a pre-requisite for the achievement of excellence, accordingly the senior management of Focused Solutions are committed to providing the resources for improving and providing high standards of health and safety at its office, workshop and work sites. To this end, the Company intends to be pro-active in OH&S matters with particular emphasis on:

  • Ensuring all employees are provided with opportunities for training, information and direction on health and safety issues as they relate to our work sites.
  • The provision of appropriate rehabilitation programs for employees where applicable.
  • Ensuring that our activities are carried out with both purpose and commitment to the safety of the public.

It shall be both the senior management and employee’s goal to achieve an increased understanding of OHS & R objectives and requirements. This is to be done in line with the company’s commitment of continual improvement.

OHS & R Benefits:

  • Improved safety performance
  • Reduced liability
  • Reduced costs
  • Fewer accidents
  • Employee involvement
  • Enhanced customer trust